Join Cornerstone in Dallas on October 24, 2018 for a great day of learning and networking with industry professionals.


8:00am–9:00am Registration & Breakfast
Stemmons Ballroom
9:00am–10:00am Opening Keynote: The Value of a Learning Mindset in the New Skills Economy* presented by Jeff Miller, Ph.D., AVP, Learning & Organizational Effectiveness at Cornerstone
Stemmons Ballroom
10:00am–10:15am Break
10:15am–11:00am Cornerstone Client Panel, featuring Derek Spooner, Learning Manager, M-Files Inc and Ken Fuller, Sr. Manager, Training Deployment at Potbelly Sandwich Shop. Moderated by Brett Wilson, Director, Advisory Services, Thought Leadership & Advisory Services at Cornerstone
Stemmons Ballroom
11:00am–11:15am Break
11:15am–12:00pm The Hard Side of Soft Skills* presented by Tom Tonkin, Ph.D., Principal Consultant, Thought Leadership and Advisory Services at Cornerstone
Stemmons Ballroom
12:00pm–12:45pm Lunch
Stemmons Ballroom
12:45pm–1:45pm ELEVATE Workshop Sessions: Take Your Talent Management to the Next Level

Choose one topic of interest (descriptions below):

  • ELEVATE Learning* presented by Steve Dobberowsky, Senior Principal Consultant, Thought Leadership & Advisory Services at Cornerstone
    Stemmons Ballroom
  • ELEVATE Performance* presented by Tom Tonkin, Ph.D., Principal Consultant, Thought Leadership and Advisory Services at Cornerstone
    Salon F
  • ELEVATE Analytics* presented by Jennifer Burnett, Ph.D., Senior Principal Consultant, Talent Acquisition, Thought Leadership and Advisory Services at Cornerstone
    Salon G
  • ELEVATE Recruiting* Thomas Boyle, Principal, Thought Leadership and Advisory Services at Cornerstone
    Salon H
1:45pm–2:00pm Break
2:00pm–2:40pm Workshop Results Analysis/Q&A
Stemmons Ballroom

* Eligible for 1 HRCI or SHRM Credit



For any questions, please contact Nicole Bruno at [email protected].

We hope to see you there!

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Session Descriptions

The Value of a Learning Mindset in the New Skills Economy: With the advent of the gig economy, growth of online platforms and an increasing shift toward automation, the nature of work is changing and disrupting how society functions. The role of humans in the workforce is poised to change dramatically, but without a learning mindset humans won’t be able to keep pace. Cornerstone’s AVP of Learning & Organizational Effectiveness will explore the increasingly fluid nature of learning, the skills workers will need to learn, and how leaders can build a culture of learning from the top down.

Client Panel: Listen to the stories of Cornerstone clients in multiple industries as they share their experiences and best practices learned while utilizing various products.

The Hard Side of Soft Skills: We're in an era that many are calling the “fourth industrial revolution.” A technology-dominated future is on the horizon, transforming the way we live and work. Jobs that do not exist today will soon be commonplace. The Institute for the Future has identified five future ‘Super Skills’: create a personal brand, become digitally fluent, build a tribe, make sense of complexity, and become more resilient. Arguably these are all, what are considered 'soft skills'; however, how can any company prepare for these future super skills? The paradigm for training soft skills is different from that of hard skills, hence the challenge. In this session, we will explore how to train for the future with soft skills.

Workshop Sessions: ELEVATE - Take your talent management to the next level

Choose one topic of interest:

  • ELEVATE Learning
    As companies transform and digital organizational models emerge, learning and developmental needs change as well. Organizations want more agile and diverse employees--as well as models that capture the “digital way” to run business. While learning and development remains a competitive field, companies are pushing the boundaries of their traditional development hierarchies, empowering employees to thrive in a changing network. In this session, Steve Dobberowsky will lead a discussion regarding how our approaches to learning and development must change to be effective in today's workplace.
  • ELEVATE Performance
    We have all heard the changes required to our performance management process. We need to have them more often; they need to be more informal. Maybe we do away with them entirely! However, are these trends or fads? Is there anything in the research that suggests a significant departure from what has been a staple in organizations everywhere? In this session, Dr. Tom Tonkin will lead a discussion examining these trends and try to sort out any of the material differences between what we have known to be performance management yesterday and now, today. Along with the latest research, combined with case studies, this session will take a step forward in clarifying the issues as mentioned above and uncover some interventions to improve this process.
  • ELEVATE Analytics
    Artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and other intelligent technologies can enhance, inform, or even possibly replace what decisions leaders make about their workforce. All areas of talent management have embraced the use of data and analytics using these technologies, including hiring, learning, succession, development, and performance. In this session, Dr. Jennifer Burnett will lead a discussion regarding how these tools can positively impact your talent decisions, the effect on the employee experience, what potential risks and challenges they may bring, and how to determine your organizations’ readiness for this change.
  • ELEVATE Recruiting
    Thanks in part to a globally evolving job market and the demand for new skills, organizations are struggling to fill existing openings while planning for future needs, which has helped create a candidate-driven market. One where candidates are no longer willing to bend over backward and the outcome of their experience can be measured in the millions. In this session, Tom Boyle, will lead a discussion examining the modern candidate journey, including how technology helps or hurts the experience, and what organizations can do to deliver the high touch experience today's candidates expect.



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