8:00am–9:00am Registration, Breakfast, Cornerstone Genius Bar Regatta Ballroom & Foyer
9:00am–9:50am Keynote: A Human's Place in the Future of Work* presented by Jeff Miller Ph.D., AVP, Learning & Organizational Effectiveness at Cornerstone Regatta Ballroom & Foyer
9:50am–10:00am Coffee Break Regatta Foyer
10:00am–10:45am Cornerstone Client Panel featuring: MJ Macdonald, AVP, Learning & Development at ivari, Helen Peng, Vice President, Talent Acquisition and Development at Sun Life Financial and Nicolette Mills, HR Business Partner at Atlantic Packaging. Moderated by Brian Curd, RVP of Sales at Cornerstone Regatta Ballroom
10:45am–11:15am Cornerstone-led TED Talks & Discussion on “The Human Problems of the Day” Regatta Ballroom

  • Agility & Productivity presented by Jeremy Spake, Principal Thought Leadership and Advisory Services at Cornerstone
  • Resiliency and Adaptability presented by Steve Dobberowsky, Principal, Thought-Leadership and Advisory Services at Cornerstone
  • Procrastination presented by Tom Tonkin, Ph.D., Principal, Thought-Leadership and Advisory Services at Cornerstone
11:15am–11:45am A Modern Approach To Integrating Multi-Generational Workforces presented Douglas Segers, Director of Original Content at Cornerstone Regatta Ballroom
11:45am–12:30pm Lunch Regatta Ballroom & Foyer
12:30pm–2:15pm How Mindfulness Unlocks the Power of Potential Session & Workshop presented by Joe Burton, Founder & CEO of Whil Regatta Ballroom

Afternoon Coffee & Cookie Break Regatta Foyer

2:30pm–3:00pm Cornerstone Product Roadmap Session presented Jennifer Whitmer, Senior Manager of Global Field Product Management at Cornerstone Regatta Ballroom

Partner Happy Hour + Joe Burton Book Signing The Chartroom Bar and Lounge


*Eligible for 1 HRPA Credit


A Human’s Place in the Future of Work*
Voice-powered personal assistants. Suggestive searches. Driverless cars. These are just a few examples of how technology is already infiltrating and fundamentally changing our daily lives – and it’s just the beginning. Research suggests that automation and technological advances will impact every job and displace more than 800 million jobs by 2030. What does this mean for us? What will our “role” as humans be at work in the age of automation? This session will focus on the increasing importance of understanding and appreciating human dynamics – the inner differences in people that affect how we interact with each other, leverage technology, learn, communicate, process information and experiences, and much more. In this keynote, Jeff will share practical ways in which individuals and leaders can reach their full potential and continue to add value in the future of work.

Cornerstone Client Panel
Listen to the stories of Cornerstone clients in multiple industries as they share their experiences and best practices learned while utilizing various products.

Cornerstone-led TED Talks on “The Human Problems of the Day.” Topics include:

  • Agility & Productivity
    Agile ways of working are not just for technology anymore. This concept and competency is transforming how organizations hire, develop and manage their workforce. Over 90% of HR managers in 2018 say they are adopting agile talent strategies. But what exactly does this mean for the organization, for managers, for HR, for teams and for individuals? Could agility have a negative side too? In this session and discussion we will explore the connection between agility and various outcomes and both the benefits and risks this emerging concept can have throughout your organization.
  • Resilience and Adaptability
    As we all know, the 4th Industrial Revolution is seemingly changing everything required to succeed in the New Economy. So what do companies need and what capabilities and skills do their workers need to succeed? Should we be “Gumby” or “Optimus Prime”?! Gumby’s resilient – a bendy little guy – or Optimus – adapts to almost any situation. Maybe it’s not an “or”, but, rather, an “and” situation. Well explore some the of the challenges and work towards how individual workers can prepare themselves to be GOptimus Prime.
  • Procrastination
    Probably the greatest obstacle in achieving your goals, living your best life, or just being more productive. Many on the internet will suggest that procrastination in about the lack of will power, or maybe even utilizing the wrong planning system. Research disagrees. In this session, come find out the realities of procrastination and how to overcome this 21st century productivity menace.

A Modern Approach to Integrating Multi-Generational Workforces
Digital Natives are coming- Are you ready? 74% of talent leaders plan to make changes to their L&D programs to accommodate this new workforce. In this session Douglas will show you a sneak preview of our new Digital Native Advancement to help you effectively onboard and develop this new generation.

How Mindfulness Unlocks the Power of Potential
Stress resilience and emotional well being is the #1 concern for 93% of employers. Join Joe Burton, Founder & CEO of Whil for this fastpaced, experiential and incredibly funny peek into mindfulness as the foundation for resilience and well being. See first-hand why 50% of the Fortune 500 are now using mindfulness training to improve focus, learning and collaboration in high performance cultures. You’ve never had this much fun learning how to reduce stress!

Cornerstone Product Roadmap
A high-level overview of Cornerstone’s latest product enhancements.



For any questions, please contact Nicole Bruno at [email protected].

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