LIVE WEBINAR: The End of HR Trends

The 3 Massive Shifts HR Must Make Now!

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The 3 Massive Shifts HR Must Make Now!

Last year, more than 783 HR professionals across Australia and New Zealand joined our discussion on the five HR trends we predicted for 2020.

But predicting HR trends is a dangerous game.

In stable times we can see ahead, but when a storm like COVID hits, the trends end, and tectonic shifts replace them.

That’s why we want to invite you to join this year’s discussion on the road ahead for HR professionals – perhaps the most important in a generation.

Get your front row seat now and hear first-hand the 3 massive shifts HR need to make now in order to survive and thrive over the coming 12 months. Our speaking panel features Mike Bollinger, a 20-year industry veteran and thought leader, and Paul Broughton, head of the APAC region at Cornerstone On Demand.

Together, they’ll explain what each shift means for your organisation, and your place within it:

Who should attend?

HR Directors
HR Managers
Learning & Development Managers
Managers of People & Culture
Anyone who’s interested in the role of HR in organisational success.

Shift 1 – From a business continuity plan to a people continuity plan.


Shift 2 – A skills strategy that addresses the ‘confidence gap’.


Shift 3 – HR now owns people data – are you in control, or at massive risk?


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Managing Director
Cornerstone OnDemand Australia & New Zealand


Global VP,
Thought Leadership & Advisory Services,
Cornerstone OnDemand

Mike Bollinger is an accomplished executive with 20 years of industry experience. He has deep technology and HCM domain skills including strategic workforce planning, communications, change management, team building, business case development and leadership. Mike has in-depth knowledge and experience in effective planning, budgeting, and management as well as a comprehensive mastery of HCM technologies.

In his current role as Vice President of Strategic Initiatives with Cornerstone, he is responsible for internal research as well as strategy development around outcome-based goals. In 2020, Mike helped found and currently manages the Cornerstone People Research Lab (CPRL), whose mission is to generate data-driven discoveries about the world of work today and identify emerging trends which will give rise to new work models. Mike also collaborates with Cornerstone clients in an executive capacity as a leader, influencer, and change agent who applies expertise to complex businesses.

In his previous role, Mike led a team of industry experts who have strategic HCM Transformation conversations focused on delivering value-based customer solutions, always aligned to strategies and initiatives.

Mike speaks regularly at HCM thought leadership events such as TechHR, Unleash, Evanta, HCI, ICMI, LEHRN, and others on HR trends, business strategies, digital transformation, and how to measure the impact of HR.


Head of Asia Pacific
Cornerstone OnDemand

Paul Broughton has spent the last 15 years working in HR technology, helping companies of all sizes transform the way they manage their workforce. His experience spans across sales, sales operations, legal, enablement, alliances, and strategy, with an eye towards data-driven decision making.

As employee #200 at Cornerstone, he has deep expertise in creating, developing, and retaining high performing teams time after time at Cornerstone. Paul is quick to recognize a teachable moment and has a true passion for coaching and developing talent. He currently serves as the VP of Sales & Marketing for APJ, where he manages a diverse team of marketing and sales professionals. Prior to Cornerstone, Paul managed sales and marketing at GetListed, a tech startup in the recruiting space.

Paul holds an MBA and JD from the University of San Diego and a BA from UCLA.

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