Cornerstone OnDemand invites you to attend its complimentary event, Converge 2017 in Toronto, Canada on September 14

Spend the day networking with talent management professionals in a collaborative environment. Hear from top companies on how they are successfully accomplishing their HR initiatives using innovative solutions. Walk away with best practices for building a workplace where employees are given the resources to grow, develop, share and perform at their very best. Topics include:

Session Descriptions

The Bigfoot Strategy: Creating an Engaged Workforce

Employee Engagement is analogous to searching for Bigfoot- we believe it exists but when we think we see it, we realize reality has shifted. Cornerstone’s Director of Talent Management will explore the critical nature of designing and delivering a strategy and subsequent programs, to continue to push the envelope around engaging employees.

Stop Chasing Trends
You better be recruiting on Snapchat! Time to get rid of performance appraisals! Serving breakfast is essential to your retention strategy! Face it, there are a lot of trends floating around – and chasing every HR trend can do as much damage to your recruiting and retention strategy that ignoring them does. Let’s discuss what trends are transformative and what trends, well, aren’t in this 45 minute presentation by the Cornerstone OnDemand Thought-Leadership team.

Simplifying Talent and Career Mobility Through Analytics
Talent and career mobility are seen by some organizations as complex and aspirational. Introducing the use of analytics in those activities can be overwhelming. Cornerstone’s practitioners will demonstrate how both career mobility and talent mobility can be simplified through actionable, data-driven recommendations for both the employee and business leaders.

Workforce 2020: The Future Workforce
It’s hard to think that 2020 is just around the corner; but vital to focus on if you are thinking strategically about your talent. The future workforce isn’t just about the generations or millennials – it’s about the impact of technology, globalization and changing expectations of our employees at all ages. The workforce of tomorrow (and today!) expects to be hired, managed, compensated and engaged a lot differently than we did even just ten years ago. We will tackle these topics and more in this presentation by the CSOD thought leadership team.

Engaging with the Cornerstone Community
Join us as we follow the lifecycle of a Cornerstone client to highlight the many ways our clients engage with Cornerstone and the greater client community.

The Value Of Strategic HR Improvement, the “NEW” New HR
30 years ago, 60% of the market capitalization of a company was tangible assets. That has changed today organizations increasingly rely on intangibles as the source of their competitive advantage. R&D, brands, customer relationships and their employees make the difference in high levels of performance. If people “are our most important asset”, why is the HR function typically considered a cost center or administrative overhead? Learn how to not only change this perception so that executive leaders see development of HR efforts as central to their most important strategic asset, but to use fundamental techniques such as process improvement, maturity models, benchmarking and most importantly – the true measureable dollar impact to build a case for your next HR intervention. Understand methods and approaches by which you can create a compelling reason to make that next HR investment.


For any questions, please contact Nicole Bruno at [email protected].

We hope to see you there!

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8:00am–9:00am Registration & Networking Breakfast | Civic South Ballroom
9:00am–9:45am Cornerstone Keynote | Civic South Ballroom
9:45am–10:00am Break
10:00am–10:30am Client Success Story | Civic South Ballroom
10:30am–11:00am Client Success Story | Civic South Ballroom
11:00am–11:15am Break
11:15am–12:00pm The Bigfoot Strategy: Creating an Engaged Workforce presented by Jeff Miller Ph.D, Senior Director of Talent at Cornerstone | Civic South Ballroom
12:00pm–1:00pm Networking Lunch | Civic South Ballroom
1:00pm–1:45pm Stop Chasing Trends presented by John Llamas, Principal, Thought Leadership and Advisory Services at Cornerstone | Civic South Ballroom
1:00pm–1:45pm Simplifying Talent and Career Mobility Through Analytics presented by Shawn Flynn, Head of Global Value, Analytics, and Industry Solutions – Advisory Services at Cornerstone & Jennifer Burnett, Ph.D., Principal Consultant, Talent Analytics at Cornerstone | Civic North Ballroom
1:45pm–2:00pm Break
2:00pm–2:45pm Workforce 2020: The Future Workplace presented by Steve Dobberowsky, Principal Consultant, Global Advisory Services Cornerstone | Civic South Ballroom
2:00pm–2:45pm Engaging with the Cornerstone Community | Civic North Ballroom
2:45pm–3:00pm Break
3:00pm–3:45pm The Value Of Strategic HR Improvement, the "NEW" New HR presented by Mike Bollinger, AVP, Global Thought Leadership & Advisory Services at Cornerstone | Civic South Ballroom
3:45pm–5:00pm Happy Hour | Sheraton Lobby



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