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Our on-demand webinar HR in the Age of Brexit is now available for you to access on-demand. Hosted by Arnab Banerjee, Principal, Thought Leadership & Strategy, Cornerstone and Mike Indian, Political Journalist & Commentator, the recording was from a live webinar hosted on 21 May 2019, 2:00-3:00 pm (GMT).

During the webinar, Arnab and Mike discussed:

How Brexit happened?
They will posit Brexit was the manifestation of a deep malaise; the UK’s deeply entrenched problem around social mobility, flatlining productivity, low pay and uneven sectoral and regional economies.

What’s the current state of affairs?
The presenters will provide an update on the current state-of-affairs and how the different scenarios could play-out.

How can the HR function navigate these turbulent times?
Brexit presents an opportunity for the HR function to reinvent its role by becoming an ‘employee champion’.  Arnab will suggest the steps it can take to move in this direction.

Enjoy the on-demand webinar and if you would like to continue the conversation please contact our sales team.


Arnab Banerjee
Principal, Thought Leadership & Strategy, Cornerstone

Arnab is a HR and Payroll technology transformation professional with more than twenty years’ experience. Arnab works for Cornerstone as a Principal Consultant within the Global Thought Leadership & Advisory Services team. Arnab focuses on connecting the dots between business, talent, and technology strategy for both internal and external stakeholders; supporting the company to help increase market awareness, drive sales growth and maximise client success.

Mike Indian
Political Journalist and Commentator

Mike Indian is a political journalist and commentator with a decade of experience covering UK politics. He is an expert in analysing emerging political trends and has in-depth knowledge of Parliamentary procedures. Mike is the author of the Groucho Tendency; voted one of Total Politics Top 20 Non-Aligned Bloggers in the UK. He is a confident communicator in both old and new media and regularly appears in the media as a political commentator including talkRADIO and BBC Radio. He has written for publications including Transport Times, Construction News and Local Government Chronicle. He is a Senior Political Analyst with a leading monitoring service provider.

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