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You have had to adapt, adjust and move quickly in light of the pandemic and as such, have been laser-focused on keeping your students educated, your remote and on-site staff safe and sane, and your institution operational. But in order for your employees to come out of the chaos stronger than when things started, you must also keep an eye towards the skill sets they will need in the future— even as ever-changing requirements evolve by the day.

The balancing act of meeting today’s needs while positioning your institution for long-term success is no easy feat.

The good news is that Pima Community College has created a strategy you can leverage. This institution was able to provide a centralized communication and training hub to support their employees during COVID-19 while also putting a plan in place to evaluate and address potential skills gaps of a post-pandemic reality. Join us for a webinar where Pima Community College shares how they:

  • Supported both their new remote workforce and employees still in the field during the pandemic
  • Used the new remote work reality as an opportunity for training and development
  • Plan to continue to upskill and reskill employees in order to be prepared to face a new future of work
Jesse Diaz

Advanced Program Manager, Organizational Effectiveness and Development
Pima Community College

Jesse Diaz has over 25 years of experience working in information technology and instructional systems. Currently, he works for Pima Community College as an Advanced Program Manager. Serving employees who serve our students is my passion. Certifications and Recognitions include Prosci Practitioner, Alamo Colleges Leadership Academy for Success, Chief Learning Officer Learning Elite Gold Award 2018, Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award 2018.

Jeffrey Lanuez, SPHR

Chief Human Resources Officer & Assistant Vice Chancellor Acting
Pima Community College

Jeffrey has worked in public, non-profit, and private sectors as a Human Resources leader for 22 years. He is committed to improving the lives of people, via employees in the workplace, through cultivating relationships built on trust and respect through behavior and action. Paired with his natural authenticity and candid communication style, Pima Community College has been able to shift the perspective of Human Resources and Employee Development from transactional to truly strategic and has gained HR an influential seat at the Executive table.

Tina Neil
Director, Organizational Effectiveness & Development
Pima Community College

Tina has been in leadership and career development for over 20 years leading development programs at the University of Arizona and now as the Director of Organizational Effectiveness & Development at Pima Community College. She has taught courses online and in-person on topics of leadership and professional development, social justice, service, student success, and outdoor education.