Talent is taking you on

Remember when they were picking teams at school? The ritual humiliation where the pool of potential players would wait and hope to be chosen by the all-powerful picker?

For all too long recruitment worked like that too - cherry picking grateful candidates who had thrown themselves at the door in the hunt for gainful employment.

But it doesn’t work like that anymore.

Now the pool of potential candidates has the power. They are the ones doing the picking and choosing. And you’re the one who’s got to go out and find new talent in new places and then sell the dream to them.

In our new thought-piece we’ve identified key trends in this changed recruitment environment… from selling your brand to making the most of diversity, from nurturing candidates to treating your freelancers fairly.

In a world where fresh talent is going to take you where you want to go, it makes essential reading.

En el informe descubrirá:

  • Cómo ceder el control de la formación a cada uno de sus empleados.
  • La importancia de liberar tiempo para la capacitación.
  • Por qué RRHH es el primer departamento en innovación.
  • El uso del análisis predictivo en Formación y Desarrollo.
  • Los retos de la nueva generación de formación corporativa.
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Agenda Title

19:00 - 19:30

GDPR conference
Geof, Content

Future Business: Unleashing Your Talent


  • Vincent B.

    EMEA Director


  • Geof. L

    EMEA Content


  • Alex L.

    EMEA Designer



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