Addressing the Skills Gap in Manufacturing

People Strategy in the 4th Industrial Revolution

The arrival of the 4th industrial revolution is the most significant shift in manufacturing this century.

Technology is developing at an exponential rate and the skills needed to operate in this emerging world are vastly different to the skills required in decades past.

But research shows that manufacturing businesses are in danger of being outpaced, with 70% of CEOs not believing their organisation has the skills to adapt to the 4th industrial revolution.

In this eBook, we look at this skills gap in manufacturing – and how you can close it. Discover:

  • How to attract and hire the right people in a sector with the hardest-to-fill positions
  • Why a culture of continual learning is the only way to close the gap between workforce adaptability and technology
  • How to meet employee expectations and retain your best talent
  • Why compliance is key to your employer brand and reputation

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Future Business: Unleashing Your Talent


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