Empowering Employees with Ellucian

Faculty and staff have the potential to make or break the student experience. But academic talent leaders face an uphill battle. According to a recent survey, 52 percent of faculty members were not engaged in their work, and an additional 14 percent were actively disengaged. Only 34 percent reported feeling engaged at their jobs1.

So what can institutions do to support faculty and staff and help keep them involved and passionate? In this whitepaper, Cornerstone OnDemand and Ellucian collaborated with the Human Capital Media Research and Advisory Group to establish a set of best practices for hiring and keeping academic employees.

Download the whitepaper for more details on why:

  • Student success depends on both faculty and staff engagement
  • Measurement is key to successful employee engagement
  • Employee engagement and retention are financially beneficial to institutions
1The 2015 Inside Higher Ed Survey of College and University Faculty Workplace Engagement

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