Future Culture - 4 Archetypes of Innovation

IDC Advice for HR Leaders in the Age of Digital Transformation European Research Report

IDC has identified 4 key organisational ‘innovator archetypes’ HR must work within to create a culture of innovation and lead their business to success in the age of digital transformation.

Based on a major survey across over 1,900 HR, Business and IT executives in 14 European countries, this research report reveals the unique opportunity HR has right now to maximise the potential of innovation and drive business growth.

Download this report to understand the 4 innovator archetypes and obtain key takeaways in your path to the digital future, including:

  • Which of the 4 innovator archetypes you belong to – Rock, Classical, Salsa or Electronic
  • Strengths and weaknesses of each archetype – from employee engagement and development, to HR/IT/Business alignment
  • Why Electronic organisations put critical thinking above educational background when recruiting talent
  • Why employees in Salsa organisation are happy, but not proud of their company
  • Why traditional annual reviews might hinder innovation in Classical organisations
  • Key focus areas for the CEO, Head of HR and CIO in each archetype

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