Building a Culture of Innovation.

IDC Advice for HR Leaders in the Age of Digital Transformation. Spotlight on the Nordics.

As we enter the 4th industrial revolution, organisations across the Nordics must embrace innovation to thrive – and survive. To explore this new reality, IDC has conducted one of the largest surveys on HR and business in Europe.

In this report we focus specifically on the Nordics, and look at the opportunity HR has to make sure the skills and people are in place to create a culture of innovation, and lead their organisation to success.

Download now for a unique insight into:

  • The 4 ‘Innovator Archetypes’ – are you Classical, Rock, Salsa or Electronic?
  • Recruitment – why recruiters in the Nordics value ‘problem solving’ more than the rest of Europe when looking to hire talent
  • Performance Management – how a continuous approach is driving innovation
  • Employee Development – the top 3 practises in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland
  • Digital Transformation – why a lack of internal innovation has grown as a problem here
  • The 5 Key Recommendations – find out how you can drive innovation, whatever your archetype

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And if you would like a deeper insight into the 4 innovation archetypes, don’t forget to download the full European report here: