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Five ways brain change is going to transform L&D

Learning has got to change.

Because our brains are changing too – and the way we learn today might seem as archaic to future generations as a wax slate or a blackboard seem to us now.

Of course, it’s society’s fault.

Well, at least the way society is changing so fast, fuelled by technological advances like AI and Big Data. Advances that are now accelerating exponentially and touching every point of our lives.

In this thought-piece, we’ve identified reducing attention spans, decreasing memory capacity, the need for control, the ability to adapt and the need for mindfulness, as five key ways the brain is changing. And we’ve made considered predictions about what these might mean for the future of L&D.

Because only the organisations that are future fit and quick to adapt will thrive in a world where knowledge is cheap, but wisdom is scarce.

En el informe descubrirá:

  • Cómo ceder el control de la formación a cada uno de sus empleados.
  • La importancia de liberar tiempo para la capacitación.
  • Por qué RRHH es el primer departamento en innovación.
  • El uso del análisis predictivo en Formación y Desarrollo.
  • Los retos de la nueva generación de formación corporativa.
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Agenda Title

Future Business: Unleashing Your Talent


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