Imagination, Intelligence and Innovation:

Rethinking talent acquisition in the age of digital transformation

Companies working from old ideas about Talent Acquisition will struggle to survive. Most organisations are either planning or undergoing digital transformation projects and a lack of skills and the right talent is a major barrier to driving that digital agenda. Hiring and keeping the right people makes a significant impact on the business of tomorrow. So what needs to change to ensure your company gets these people?

Download our smart paper ‘Imagination, Intelligence, Innovation – Rethinking talent acquisition in the age of digital transformation’ to discover:

  • How to treat candidates as consumers with GDPR compliant sourcing and marketing
  • How to promote employer branding to drive and retain engagement and interest
  • How to create an amazing candidate experience to maximise hiring success
  • Ways to think long term, investing in reputation and creating future talent networks
  • Creating the new KPIs to measure long term business impact

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